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Our solutions work with specially selected bacteria and natural enzymes to break down dirt and grease into organic nutrients which are then released safely back into the environment. The key benefits are that harmful chemical compounds are not released into the atmosphere or into our water systems and also that your workers are not exposed to toxic fumes and chemicals. This increases safety and productivity while reducing staff absenteeism. Also, the more regularly the Green Worx products are used, the more effective they become.


Our products save water

Our products require less (or no) rinsing, no re-washes and very little scrubbing. This means you save water, while getting a real, green clean.


Gentle on your skin

Our enzymes are non-toxic, non-irritating, non-gaseous, non-flammable, non-pathogenic and non-hazardous – in short, they’re tough on dirt, gentle on skin, and good for the environment.


Energy saving products

Our products are highly effective, even in cold water – in fact, our bugs prefer it that way. Less heat means less energy, it’s a win-win.

Organic Product


We use effective naturally derived, readily biodegradable ingredients. Containing no harmful chemicals, the surfactants in our products are biodegradable. We use nature’s bug-eating power to demolish dirt and obliterate germs without harming the environment.


We stand against animal testing

We believe animals are our best friends, not test subjects. We harness the power of nature, by using what she freely offers – no more, no less. We’d never test on animals, and neither should you.


Use Enzymes, not Harmful Chemicals

Enzyme-based cleaners are especially useful for biofilm removal

We use the power nature has to offer


Our products use the power nature has to offer, the power of enzymes to destroy bad bacteria, and remove dirt and organics, rather than just moving them around. We use the most sophisticated enzymes available in South Africa to produce the ultimate green cleaning products that are friendly to people, animals and the environment.

In their natural environment, bacteria produce hundreds of enzymes in response to the organics present in their environment. They produce extracellular enzymes that break down proteins, starches, fats, oils, greases, urine, esters and toilet tissue into smaller particles outside the bacterial cell. The bacteria then transport the smaller particles across their cell membrane for use as an energy source and for building of new cellular components. Since bacteria detect the organics present as potential food and produce specific enzymes to breakdown these organics, it is a very efficient system.

Enzyme-based cleaners are especially useful for biofilm removal (this is a hood” that bad bacteria hide under, which chemical cleaners can’t penetrate). Bacteria are somewhat difficult to remove with traditional alkaline or acid cleaners. Enzyme cleaners are more effective on biofilms since they work as proteases by breaking down proteins.

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Enzymes also offer lower cost and greater efficacy, reduced wastewater generation and energy savings through the use of cold water. After washing, the biodegradable surfactants and enzymes will break down and can safely be absorbed back into nature.



The enzymes used in our products include:



breaks down proteins (e.g. meat, excreted/secreted proteins) into amino acids.



breaks down fats/grease into fatty acids and glycerol. If not broken down, fats can go rancid and lead to off-odours and blocked drains/fat grease traps.



starch acts as a glue for dirt – amylases catalyse the break-down of starch into sugars which are then further used as a food source by the bacillus.



breaks down cellulosic material.



breaks down mannans (food texturisers, thickeners).



breaks down fruit and juice based stains.

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Household Cleaning Products


Our Range of Green Household Cleaning Products

We use effective naturally derived, readily biodegradable ingredients. Containing no harmful chemicals, the surfactants in our products are biodegradable. We use nature’s bug-eating power and probiotic action to demolish dirt and obliterate germs without harming the environment.

Our products are manufactured and packaged in our own factory in Kya Sands, they are not inferior imported products.

Why not try GreenWorx House Cleaners today?  You will never regret it!

Our household cleaning products are safe to use and will save you money!  Our range includes:

All these products are eco-friendly, kind to hands, and very effective.

We also offer starter packs, which include a selection of cleaners, and refills for all our spray products.

Featured Products


Industrial Cleaning Products


Green Worx offers an effective range of industrial cleaning products, featuring bio enzymes and probiotics, offering superior cleaning and sanitising solutions. We’ve teamed up with the world’s foremost, innovative, enzyme and sustainable surfactant producers – which means we offer reliable, affordable and effective green cleaning solutions.

The industrial range includes green cleaning solutions suitable for floors, carpets, surfaces, special purposes, laundry and dishwashing cleaners and detergents, septic tanks, grease traps and hygiene and odour control products for restrooms.

The products are ideal for cleaning, sanitising, and busting grease and grime in; offices, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, food manufacturers, cleaning contractors, sanitation and hygiene companies, facilities management companies, engineering plants, mines, wastewater treatment operations, shopping malls, hotels and restrooms.

Why not try GreenWorx Industrial Cleaners today?  You will never regret it!