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Why use enzyme-based cleaners?

We hear more and more about enzymatic cleaning, but why? Because it is currently one of the only solutions that guarantees a natural and very effective cleaning thanks to the cutting action of enzymes! We explain it all to you in detail.

There’s a lot of talk about enzyme-based cleaning products, but what are enzymes and why should you use them to clean? After reading this article, enzymes and their cleansing benefits will no longer hold any secrets for you!

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are non-living proteins produced by living beings (bacteria, fungi, etc.) to break down organic material and make it soluble in water. These organic materials are then small enough to be absorbed by the bacteria / probiotics present in the environment.

Enzymes are already present in our digestive system: they help make our food small enough to be easily absorbed by our system.

Why enzymes in cleaning products?

At home, our floors and surfaces contain dirt that is basically a mixture of organic matter (soil, food scraps, grease, etc.). As we’ve seen above, enzymes are formidable against this kind of grime.

Each type of enzyme has its own specialty:

Enzymes, “proteases” e.g., act against proteins, i.e. meat, eggs, blood, etc. Enzymes, “lipases” e.g., act against lipids, i.e. fats (butter, oil, etc.)

The enzymes known as “amylases” act against starch, i.e. stains from rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. “Cellulase” enzymes act against cellulose, i.e. stains from fruits, vegetables, etc.

A mixture of these different types of enzymes makes it possible to clean any kind of dirt in the house.

However, enzymes do not work against mineral residues (e.g. lime scale).

The benefits of enzymes


Cleaning with enzyme-based cleaning products has many benefits! First, you benefit from a much more thorough cleaning than with traditional cleaning agents. That’s because the enzymes’ cutting ability allows them to break down dirt into the tiniest corners without scrubbing. What better way to demonstrate the power of enzymes than with a before and after photo of grout in tiles. On the left (Before) you can see that the grout had become dull and dark, but due to the enzymatic cleaning and the deep action of the enzymes, the user was able to regain its light colour (After). With enzymatic cleaning there is no need to scrub with a toothbrush, the enzymes do the work themselves.

In addition to this deep cleaning, the enzymes also work very quickly against dirt! An enzyme can break down dirt into micro-residues 3 million times per second. So you don’t have to wait long for it to take effect!

Third, because they are natural proteins, enzymes are 100% natural and thus biodegradable. They are harmless and will not affect your surfaces.

Finally, since enzymes are natural proteins that cut through dirt everywhere, they continue their work in your pipes and even beyond, in the rivers. So nothing harmful ends up in the water and the enzymes help to purify it. If everyone used enzyme products, we would need fewer sewage treatment plants and our water would be much better!

So what are you waiting for to join the #Green Worx Enzyme Revolution?

Knowing all this, what are you waiting for to test our products and put your chemicals aside? Say no to products that harm your family and choose our highly effective and natural enzyme-based solutions.