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2019: Trends To Look Out For In The Cleaning Products Market

The cleaning products market is one of the biggest markets, both nationally and globally. It’s no secret why this is a massive market; by their very nature, the products are a necessity. However, any industry with such a great demand inevitably has a large competitive market. So here are some of the top trends to look out for in the cleaning products market:


    It almost goes without saying that if your product is not up to international standards it will struggle within this competitive market. Making sure your product performs just as well, and hopefully outperforms, your competitors is essential. In today’s industry, products need to work quickly and effectively, without harming the environment. The less hassle the better.


    The move towards green living, with an emphasis on organic products, has made remarkable strides in recent times. It is imperative to keep up with this trend and ensure that your products are truly green – and not only by label. They must have the Green-Tag certification to back it up. 


    Consumers always want the best quality at the best price. Organic products especially tend to be overpriced, so coming in with a good quality organic product at a reasonable price is sure to add an extra advantage to your sales margin.


    There are a lot of products competing on the shelf and the average consumer does not have the time to examine each one at length. Consumer trends in quick purchasing decisions seem to be focused on how bold and clear the message is. Making sure the product is eye-catching and that what it offers is easily understood at a glance will increase the chances of it standing out on the shelf. Reportedly, consumers also tend to trust clear packaging through which they can see the colour and consistency of the product.


    Products that are easy to use without too many additional steps and requirements seem to perform better. Any product that can help turn cleaning into a more pleasurable experience will generally outperform that of its competitors. Additional benefits such as the natural fragrance of the product will also aid in creating a pleasant experience for the consumer – while sustainability and non-toxicity are a must.

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