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Keeping It 100% Green

Contract cleaners are a dime a dozen. Fortunately we found one that is not only green, but 100% green, from head to toe: Teliot Cleaning & Hygiene Services. This company is committed to ensuring that every aspect of your clean is safe for the environment as well those who inhabit it. Here is some advice inspired by Ian Mac Donald and Nkululeko Sibiya from Teliot Cleaning & Hygiene Services: 

  • It is important to hire a green contract cleaner to manage facilities because they know which products to buy and processes to follow to ensure the best green clean for you and the environment. Many companies believe that they are functioning green, but they unwittingly purchase second rate products that still contain some harmful chemicals.
  • Make sure that the contract cleaners you are using have a Green Tag certification. This ensures peace of mind that they truly are Eco Certified, verified and tested by a third party. So you can rest assured that the products and processes are up to par with international green cleaning standards.
  • Always use eco-friendly, bio degradable products, these products provide a safer and a greener clean and are just as effective as their harmful, chemical based counterparts.
  • Try and source locally manufactured products such as the Green Worx range (see the range here). Sourcing from within the country helps to maintain and grow the South African economy. 
  • Find your motivation to function green, write your motivators out and keep them somewhere visible so that you can be reminded daily. Some potential motivating factors are: green cleaning products that work are healthier for yourself, your family, your staff and your customers; functioning green is a way to reduce your company’s/ home’s impact on the environment while helping you to save natural resources, such as water, which are currently at risk in our global climate.
  • How to ensure you are 100% green: educate yourself, your household and your staff on what being green really means; be conscious of your use of natural resources; and only use 100% green products. 

For more information about Teliot Cleaning & Hygiene Services email Ian Mac Donald at ian@tchsservices.com.