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A Cleaner, Greener Kitchen

We understand how important a clean and green kitchen is to you. That is why we tailor made the Odorite Ultra All Surface Kitchen cleaner to meet your needs.

Like all our green cleaning products, the Odorite Ultra Surface Kitchen cleaner is created with bio-enzymes and naturally derived ingredients. This means that no harmful chemicals are added, and the surfactants are biodegradable. This allows for a safe clean for you and your family. The clean is also highly efficient as the surfactants in the cleaner use nature’s innate power to obliterating germs and removing dirt. 

There are many benefits to using the Odorite Ultra Surface Kitchen cleaner. We’ve listed a few of them for you below:

  • Specifically designed for cleaning food and contact surfaces: We’ve made sure that this cleaner is 100% safe in the kitchen environment. This kitchen cleaner is SABS 1828 certified, certifying it as following the rule of safe food practices.
  • Deep-cleans floors and grout by removing the build-up that collects in the pores of the floor surface: Not only is it safe to use on counter tops and food prepping surfaces, but it is also incredibly strong and effective with a deep-clean. Allowing for floors that are completely free from any hidden germs.
  • Eliminates floor coating that causes slipperiness: Your family’s safety is of utmost importance to us. After using the Odorite Ultra Surface cleaner to deep-clean your floors, you can rest assured that your floors will also be rid of the coating that causes hazardous slipperiness.
  • Improves freshness by controlling odours from residual organics: This ensures that your kitchen is not only germ free, but that it smells organically fresh as well.

For your convenience the cleaner comes in an easy to hold 500ml dual foam/spray bottle.

Of course, there are many more benefits to using this powerful, environmentally friendly kitchen cleaner. Click here for more information, or to order yours.