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Water: We Must Keep Saving

Cape Town is breathing a sigh of relief as its Level 6B water restrictions are being reverted to Level 5. The dams are reported to be at 74% (double where they were this time last year) and rising, with a good forecast of rain to come.

This does not, however, mean that the world’s water problems are over. Water is a commodity we need to continue to preserve and protect. While Capetonians are enjoying relaxed water restrictions, parts of the Eastern Cape are battling to fight off their own, imminent Day Zero. Many towns are left with only approximately two months of water left.

South Africans are encouraged to continue employing water saving tips, such as purchasing water saving products, only flushing when necessary, taking shorter showers, catching the water from showers to be repurposed and using dry shampoos, and so on.

Water saving strategies and products need to become commonplace, regardless of the dam levels. To help in this endeavour here are some water saving products we can recommend:

Green Worx Cleaning Solutions’ Biotech™ Bathroom Cleaner

This product is eco-friendly, grey-water safe and packed with bio-enzymes. It is used to clean, sanitise and deodorise bathrooms. Little to no rinsing is needed, which means less water is wasted. This product also doubles up as an in-toilet spray, which can be used to allow you to “let it mellow when it’s yellow” – avoiding unnecessary flushing. Spray it into the toilet, let it eliminate germs and eradicate malodours, and flush only when you have to.

Visit green-worxcs.co.za/product/biotech-bathroom-cleaner to find out more.

Albion Brands’ Albex™ Noflush Toilet Water Neutraliser

This product is 100% environmentally friendly. The Noflush spray neutralises odours and germs in the urine, allowing you to save water by only flushing when it’s really necessary. With every 500ml bottle of this product you can save 6800 litres of clean water! It also comes in a choice of two fragrance variants; original or lavender.

To find out more about this product visit: www.albionbrands.co.za/products.

Go on, get saving.