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Embracing the Age of Green Lodges

Taking vacation days or getting away for the weekend is a much-needed de-stressor in today’s competitive rat race. Natural tourist destinations such as lodges in nature reserves could provide travelers with the unplugged rest they need.

However, it seems that too many travelers bring their city pollution with them, definitely not leaving the place as they found it. Here are some tips on how to be a conscientious traveler and leave no trace:

Choose a Green Lodge

Find accommodation where the managers not only built green but are maintaining their green status too. How do you know if a lodge is green? Find out what their company policy is with regards to caring for the environment.

  • What materials were used to build the lodge?
  • Do they actively recycle?
  • How are they saving water?
  • Are they using chemical free, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies?
  • How do they preserve energy?
  • How do they treat, and care for any animals on the resort?

Don’t Use Plastic Cutlery or Straws

Reduce waste by reducing the use of plastic. If there is no other option for cutlery, wash and reuse the same set of plastic utensils for the entire trip.

Put Your Butt (and Other Waste) Away

Don’t leave your cigarette “stompies” or litter lying around. This should be a top priority in caring for the environment and protecting the wildlife. Find the nearest rubbish bin and dispose of any type of litter properly. Lodges that focus on true sustainability will have recycling bins – be sure to put the right waste in the right bin.

Save Water

There are many ways this can be done. Some of them are:

  • Don’t fill the water in the bathtub to the brim
  • Don’t flush if not necessary
  • Shorten the time spent showering
  • Catch shower water in a bucket to be used to flush the toilet
  • Turn the tap off while washing hands or brushing your teeth

Walk or Cycle Instead

Wherever it is safe and possible to do so, enjoy the nature available at the reserve by walking or cycling to places instead of driving.