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Cleaning Your Home With Only Five Products For Under R200 Per Month

When looking for the best cleaning products for home cleaning, modern day families are often caught between wanting to keep an eco-friendly home and staying within a budget for their cleaning supplies.

It is possible to have a green household without breaking the bank. Affordable environmentally friendly cleaning products that contain biodegradable surfactants and are free of harmful chemicals are essential to maintaining a safe and clean environment for you and your loved ones.

Our top five recommended products to clean your home for under R200 a month are:

  • Biotech Bathroom Cleaner: Cleans, sanitises and deodorises bathrooms, keeping them fresh and sanitised. This green bathroom cleaner eliminates bugs and organic materials.
  • Odorite Grime Away All Purpose Cleaner: This 100% natural citrus cleaner can be used on all surfaces both indoors and outdoors for the best green clean. It is strong and effective to be used on any type of stain and yet gentle enough to not damage your flooring.
  • Odorite Ultra All Surface Kitchen Cleaner: One of the best household cleaning products, this cleaner combines superior green surfactant technology with enzymatic action. The green kitchen cleaner effectively eliminates kitchen grime, breaking down residual organic soils and eradicating bad odours.
  • Odorite Ultra Dishwashing Liquid: Not only is this dishwashing liquid an eco-friendly household product, it is also stronger than most dishwashing liquids, removing double the dirt with half the liquid.
  • Odorite Ultra Laundry Powder: The only natural laundry detergent in South Africa that contains six enzymes, each offering maximum stain removal. Designed to strengthen effectiveness and prevent harmful airborne particles from being released.