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The African Leadership Awards Acknowledge Green Businesses

Issued by Perfect Word Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Mauritius has long been known as an idyllic holiday destination. Unfortunately, environmental news from this paradise had started to become somewhat underwhelming and serious action needed to be taken to help bring Mauritius back to its former glory. Mauritius’ Vice-Prime Minister Mr Showkutally Soodhun announced that the government of Mauritius “is committed to upholding the country’s cleanliness and safety for the benefit of the population.” The government launched into an action campaign to “clean-up Mauritius.”

The Mauritian Government has been working with companies such as Green Worx Cleaning Solutions to clean up the tourism industry and make the country more eco-conscious. These efforts were recognised at The African Leadership Awards, where Green Worx Cleaning Solutions (a company that designs, manufactures and supplies innovative, environmentally responsible, biotechnology cleaning products to households, businesses and industries across Africa, using natural microbes and enzymes) was honoured with a “Green Business Award”.

According to the The African Leadership Awards organisation; “The African Leadership Awards are all about Achievers, Super Achievers and Future Business Leaders… (to) highlight, recognise and reward their ability to steer their businesses through turbulent times, applying the best of business modules to manage and keep their missions afloat. Over 20 categories recognise the achievements made by selected high profile corporate business leaders in Africa and honour their great contributions towards the country’s post-recession economic development. All these fine exemplary leaders will be mentioned for their impeccable leadership qualities, deemed to fit into nation building.”

To be recognised as a Super Achiever in operating as a green business there are certain criteria to be met. These include ensuring that the company is genuinely functioning in a way that promotes and creates opportunities for energy saving. A green company should also be sure to have products that are organic based without using any harsh chemicals that are damaging to the environment as well as to human and animal health. Of course, these products should also never be tested on animals and should be gentle on the skin.

“Now more than ever it is also essential that green companies function in an eco-friendly way maintaining our environments natural resources,” says John J Coetzee, CEO at Green Worx. “As the drought in the Cape and impending ‘Day Zero’ illustrates, water is very quickly becoming a scarce commodity and green businesses excel when they develop systems and products that help to save water.”

Through partnerships with green businesses, the Mauritian government will continue in its commitment to cleaning Mauritius and keeping it clean. The African Leadership Awards help to acknowledge and inspire all businesses to strive towards being more eco-friendly and, together, creating a healthier and happier world.

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