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Did you know?

Detoxication (detox) is the removal of toxic substances from an organism.

Homedetox: rid this home (or detox?) of toxic substances, including cleaning products that spread toxic substances all over the house (on your plates, your clothes, your floors etc.)

Homedetox is positive cleaning.

A growing number of studies show the bio-accumulative effect of all the products we use. What we use to clean turns out to be just as important as what we absorb through food.

Strong preference for products of 100% natural origin. Long live the renewable and sustainable ingredients. Read labels, your kids will thank you. And the planet too.

Not really our intention to scare the hibbie jibbies out of you, but we have a few numbers of relevant importance anyway:


Household chemicals are 3x more carcinogenic than air pollution.

(Read the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Environmental Protection Agency, « The Inside Story A Guide to Indoor Air Quality » CPSC Document #450)


Cancer death rate is 54% higher as a direct result of exposure to toxic substances in household products.

(Study spanning 15 years, Zota et al. Environ Health. 2010)

2 to 5x

The air in our home is 2 to 5 times more polluted than our streets (due to the smoke from harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

(The American Lung Association « Airing the Truth About Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution)


Chemicals have been linked to birth defects and cancer. (Consumer Product Safety Commission)

75000 +

Petrochemicals in the environment, only a fraction of these substances have been tested for toxicity to humans and the environment. (EPA)


Chemicals found in the umbilical cord of new-born babies.


Fragrances are synthetic substances derived from petroleum. They include benzene derivatives, aldehydes and other toxic substances that can cause cancer and other nervous disorders.

(US House of Representatives Committee on Science & Technology)


Ingredients in antimicrobial products that are considered pesticides (EPA).