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Probiotic cleaning products are the innovative, sustainable and safer way for Facilities Managers to create health-promoting workplaces

Facilities Managers are key to creating health-promoting workplaces. Which is essential now that there is a proven link between well-being at work and productivity:  Sick days are rising and productivity is falling.

Research shows how productivity is driven by motivation, health and well-being, absenteeism and presentism. Combining preventative measures that preserve well-being with a health-promoting work environment increases motivation and productivity. And of course, ultimately increases profitability.

But the game-changing impact of one pivotal factor is frequently overlooked: The impact of cleaning products on well-being and health.

A high standard of hygiene projects a positive impression and a feeling of organisation. But managing the cleaning staff, contracts and timetable is often higher on the cleaning strategy agenda than the cleaning products themselves.

Which is great news: because a game-changing, innovative, sustainable and safer cleaning product strategy is now available. It will give Facilities Managers, their clients and cleaning staff immediate benefits – in one easy step.


Stop using traditional chemical and synthetic cleaning products that can damage health and the environment. Start using probiotic cleaning products – such as the Green Worx Cleaning Solutions range from Green Worx CS. These harness the natural cleaning power of ‘good’ probiotic bacteria, are completely safe and are sourced from natural environments. Product swaps can be made on a like for like basis – including floor, surface and sanitary cleaners, washing up liquid and hand soap.


Because these are innovative, more sustainable and safer cleaning products, which give better results whilst being socially responsible. They preserve well-being, promote health and help raise productivity because they: CREATE INCREASINGLY HEALTHIER INDOOR SPACES

The helpful probiotics clean safely, naturally and thoroughly at a deep microbial level. They restore healthy environmental balance wherever they are used and make the whole indoor environment cleaner and healthier.

Improves indoor air quality

All the Green Worx CS probiotic cleaning products clean in a natural and mechanical way. They do not contain chemicals or toxins and do not pollute indoor air. They are A+ rated (the highest rating) by Indoor Air Controlled, demonstrating their safety in the air and meeting all safety standards and recommendations in full. They reduce the bio-allergens – including pollen, mould spores and dust mite faeces – that trigger allergic reactions, hay fever and asthma. They eliminate unpleasant odours at source – without chemical masking air fresheners. All in All it promotes hygiene, wellness & air quality in the built environment recommendations

The helpful probiotics can be dispersed gently into the room air via a dispenser. This dispenser can be used alone or be added to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. This prevents mould and pathogenic bacteria forming in the duct work as well as removing mould and bacteria that have already grown there. This also prevents mould and harmful bacteria being blown into the occupied environment.

Makes it easier to clean soft furnishings

The probiotic air dispenser also cleans soft furnishings such as blinds and curtains.  It reaches hard to clean nooks and crannies such as keyboards, and easily forgotten touch points such as door handles.

Reduces the risk of spreading bacterial infections

The helpful probiotics effectively inhibit the harmful bacteria that cause infections.  This significantly reduces the risk of contracting common workplace bacterial infections – including Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and E. coli.

Reduces antimicrobial resistance

Traditional chemical cleaning products work in a way that is partly fuelling the global antimicrobial resistance crisis. Probiotic cleaning works in a different, safe, natural and mechanical way that prevents the bacteria mutating and becoming resistant. This reduces antimicrobial resistance and can ultimately help reduce drug resistance and hospital acquired infections.


Changing to probiotic cleaning products is a visible commitment to sustainable business practices. They are bio-degradable and contribute towards a circular economy in multiple ways:

Recycled & recyclable

Containers are made using recycled plastic and are fully recyclable. Larger sizes and refillable options are readily available.

Vegan & cruelty-free

All products are vegan, naturally sourced from plants and certified as animal-cruelty-free.

Achieves longer lasting results

The helpful probiotics have a slow release, natural and mechanical cleaning action that keeps working effectively for several days after application. This delivers a longer lasting clean that increases value for money. Over time, this can extend cleaning intervals, reduce product use requirements and reduce the need for occasional ‘deep cleaning’. Regular, continuing use creates an increasingly safer, healthier and more protective environment at a deep microbial level.

Improves waste water management

Commercial cleaning is water-intensive and waste water disposal can be a key concern. But the helpful probiotic bacteria in probiotic cleaning products are never wasted; they become a resource after use. They do not cause pollution or environmental damage or require expensive, safety-conscious waste management at the end of their useful life. They have a ‘bonus’ action that extends their life cycle, maintains their value after use and reduce the toxic burden on the environment:

When discarded down the drain, they carrying on working. They safely and efficiently continue to clean and reduce pollution from waste water, drains and inside pipework. They reduce organic waste, harmful bacteria, oils and fats and unpleasant sewage odours. This improves the quality and safety of discharged water and increases the effectiveness of water systems.


Our Green Worx CS range of probiotic cleaning products are proven to be completely safe for cleaning operatives. They do not contain toxins, carcinogens, chemicals or corrosive substances that are harmful to health.

This is essential as reports show a dangerous link between long term use of chemical cleaning agents and serious illness. Some every day cleaning products release health-damaging chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Fragranced products and air fresheners often contain particularly high levels of toxic chemicals, which don’t need to be listed on the label.

A Ten-Year Cleaning Operatives Study showed that cleaning operatives using conventional products are 58% more likely to develop lung cancer than office workers.  And 10 – 20 years of cleaning work can be as damaging as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for the same time.

Providing safe products for the people who carry out the cleaning is the right thing to do. There is a moral – as well as a safety – issue around supplying products that can make people very ill, when a safe alternative is easily available.

Discover the range

There are three Green Worx CS probiotic and enzyme cleaning ranges, designed for different environments. They all create healthier indoor spaces, with better air quality and fewer harmful bacteria, bio-hazards and bio-allergens.

To find out more, contact us today on +27 708 6626 or email info@greenworx.eco