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The COVID-19 outbreak seems to have awakened the world to much needed hygiene practices. These include practices such as regular handwashing, sanitising of surfaces, sneezing into your elbow and other such steps to prevent the spread of the virus.

South Africa is setting a strong precedent in its fight against the virus. With the increase of numbers accruing at a much slower rate than previously anticipated, and with some of the stricter regulations potentially lifting, there is a very strong risk that the concerted effort will ease. The result is that many individuals may no longer be following the hygiene protocols that have been put into place during this time.

It is, however, imperative that, as the restrictions and regulations start to ease, and the COVID-19 threat starts to wear off, hygiene remains a priority.

Why is maintaining these hygiene standards important after COVID-19?

  • Regular and proper handwashing – washing for at least 20 seconds covering the entire hand surface, fingers and nails – helps to combat the spread of many different viruses and diseases. Had these practices already been implemented into our daily routine, it is highly likely that the spread of COVID-19 would not have been as rapid. It is a continual defense against such occurrences and should be a personal routine, whether or not a pandemic is threatening the world. To achieve this, using the right, most effective hand-soap is essential. The Green Worx Cleaning Solutions Bio Tech Foam Hand Soap utilises advanced technologies to ensure proper hand hygiene.
  • Having a clean and sanitised environment, while utilising eco-friendly products to ensure your health isn’t damaged by any harsh chemicals, keeps the environment safe for all who live in it. Having a clean environment also has positive psychological effects, helping you to feel lifted and energised, while also calming stress and anxiety. There are a range of eco-friendly home cleaning products available that can be delivered right to your door. Visit the SHOP for more.

Keeping healthy is something to strive for throughout life, not only in the face of a pandemic. Over time, as the threat of COVID-19 eases, it is important for proper hygiene protocol to remain a priority.

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