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Keeping your home clean can at times seem like a demanding task, especially when you want to
do the right thing for Mother Nature by using eco-friendly, organic, green products; but you
can’t because your budget won’t allow for those products, right?

Perhaps not… Our FMCG range is not only eco-friendly (green and containing organic
surfactants), it is also highly cost effective, and long lasting. In case this sounds too good to be
true and you need a little more convincing about why these products are good for the
environment (at an affordable price) read on.

  • Biotech Bathroom Cleaner (R40.25) – This organic cleaner uses our specialised bio-
    enzymatic formula which contains good bacteria (probiotics) to eliminate organic waste,
    reduce odours and clean soiled areas the organic way. This product also helps you to
    save water by allowing you to flush less with the “if it’s yellow let it mellow” philosophy.
    Simply spray a couple of sprays of the Bathroom Cleaner into the bowl to kill the odour
    and germs.

  • Odorite Grime Away All-Purpose Cleaner (R30.00) – This is a 100% natural citrus cleaner
    and is suitable for all-purpose use both indoors and outdoors. Due to it being 100%
    natural it is safe to use for multiple applications and does not release harmful chemicals
    into the environment.

  • Odorite Ultra All Surface Kitchen Cleaner (R35.00) – This product gives a safe and
    effective green clean for all of your kitchen surfaces. Completely organic, superior green
    surfactant technology is used in combination with enzymatic and probiotic action to
    break down residual organic soils and eradicate bad odours, allowing your kitchen to be
    deep-cleaned and free of potentially harmful organisms and contaminants.

  • Odorite Ultra Dishwashing Liquid (R30.00) – This product uses organic technology that
    makes it twice as effective as regular chemically based dishwashing liquids. It contains
    no phosphates, has less surfactants and is powered by revolutionary technology
    comprising three active enzymes and probiotics. Half the amount of liquid and much
    less water is needed than the regular chemical counterparts.

  • Odorite Ultra Laundry Powder (R99.52) – As the only laundry powder in South Africa that
    contains six enzymes, each offering maximum stain removal (even on complex stains),
    this product is not only kind on your pocket and the environment, but it does a
    unmatched job at cleaning your clothes. The technology also serves the function of
    eliminating soils rather than rinsing them off and then redepositing them elsewhere.
    The granular technology of the product also ensures that there is no wastage and helps
    to prevent you from inhaling any airborne particles. Electricity is also saved as it is
    effective in cold water.

For more information about Green Worx Cleaning Solutions’ FMCG products and to shop this
range visit: https://www.green-worxcs.co.za/shop . Contact Green Worx on 011 708 6626,
email info@green-worxcs.co.za or visit www.green-worxcs.co.za.