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Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Family Safe

The listeria outbreak has left many families feeling unsafe as the vulnerability of homes becoming contaminated, especially kitchens, is increasingly being highlighted. Now more than ever before it has become a top priority to ensure that your home is clean and sanitised.

Often, this can be a daunting and costly task, but fortunately Green Worx cleaning solutions offers cheap cleaning supplies that can ensure a safety clean. The best cleaning products are home cleaning products that are free of any harmful chemicals. Delivering a green clean that is effective and safe for your family and the environment.

Listeria spreads when cleaning isn’t done effectively. It can survive in any climate – even in refrigerators in temperatures as low as two degrees Celsius. The bug often hides away in hard to reach places.

Green Worx’s green home products, including the Odorite Ultra All Surface Kitchen Cleaner, offer an affordable cleaning solution that utilise superior green surfactant technology with enzymatic action. Using an enzymatic cleaner is essential in the fight against listeria as it breaks down and eliminates the biofilm that prevents other disinfectants from getting to, and destroying, the bacteria. With continued use, layer upon layer of the biofilm is removed, preventing future build-up of organic soils. This eco-friendly product also breaks down residual organic soils and eradicates bad odours.

When getting rid of any food products in your homes that may have been contaminated, including food products that were uncovered or housed in the same refrigerator, it is important that these products not just be thrown into the kitchen (or even outside) bin. Pets are also susceptible to the disease, so don’t feed contaminated food to them. Reportedly these products can be handed in at the closest municipality to be disposed of correctly. Contact your nearest municipality for advice with regards to disposal.