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How To Protect Your Family From The Listeria Outbreak

South Africa is currently in the grips of one of the worst Listeria outbreaks the world has ever seen, with over 170 deaths reported. According to The National Health Laboratory Service, 915 cases of Listeria have been reported since last year January.

The problem with Listeria is that it is very hard to identify, this food-borne disease has a three-week incubation period and can be carried in livestock unnoticed. This in turn contaminates the animal products and by-products such as meat and dairy products that we consume. Listeria monocytogenes bacterium is also found in water and soil. This means it can contaminate fruits and vegetables through the soil or through manure used as fertiliser.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to simply wash our foods with water or to clean with disinfectants. Listeria comes about via biofilm which is created by an accumulation of bacteria that develop a protective matrix. Disinfectants cannot get past this protective matrix so another product is needed to first break down this matrix, leaving the bacteria exposed and therefore vulnerable to the disinfectant.

Green Worx Cleaning Solutions’ Odorite Ultra Enzymatic Deep Clean 30 x does exactly that. It is also currently the only effective product in South Africa that can do this. This product is available in 5 litre and 25 litre containers. It can be diluted for various applications ranging from intense deep cleaning purposes (1:30 i.e. 1 part Odorite™ Ultra Deep Clean Enzymatic 30X added to 30 parts water) to General maintenance cleaning (1:100).

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