Bathroom Cleaner

Bio Tech Bathroom Cleaner


Our bugs eat yours

Biotech Bathroom Cleaner is designed as a bio-technical aid to clean, sanitise and deodorise bathrooms, keeping them fresh and cleansed. By eliminating organic waste, odour is reduced and soiled areas are cleaned.

The Biotech Bathroom Cleaner produces seven separate enzymes to ensure your bugs and organic materials are demolished, leaving surfaces that are biologically cleaned.



Features & Benefits:

  • Bathroom cleaning and odour control
  • Penetrates cracks, crevices and pores of surfaces where organics accumulate, removing the organics
  • Leaves a visually cleaner surface
  • Provides long term odour control by removing the organics that cause odours and preventing their return
  • Safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly


Clear liquid with a natural citrus fragrance, in an easy to hold, 500ml foaming spray bottle.