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Local Manufacturer Awarded By M&G – Green Technology Innovation

On the 29th of July 2016, local green cleaning product manufacturer, Green Worx Cleaning Solutions, was presented with the Award for runner up in the Green Technology Innovation category of the Mail & Guardian (M&G) Greening the Future Awards.

These annual M&G Awards strive to celebrate noteworthy and newsworthy environmental projects. The 2016 Greening the Future Awards focused on water preservation, in light of the ongoing and crippling drought that is ravaging the country. According to M&G; “The awards already recognise Water Efficiency & Management, but this year the categories of Green Technology Innovations and Community Conservation will also be awarded to projects dedicated to preserving our most precious natural resource.”

The Green Technology Innovation category rewards projects, organisations and companies that apply innovative technologies and practices, in order to protect the planet’s natural resources and encourage their efficient use. “These innovations offer real savings for natural capital and possess the potential to be replicated” (M&G).

Hundreds of entries are received for these prestigious Awards every year, from projects across the country. The entries are judged by an independent, respected panel of judges; a panel which found Green Worx Cleaning Solutions to be worthy.

“To Green Worx, sustainability means adding value in the economic, environmental, and social spheres,” says John Coetzee, founder of Green Worx and owner of Managed Care Economical Solutions. “This triple bottom-line approach has been adopted since Green Worx was founded in 2013. Today, our long-term targets are set to fulfil our stated purpose of finding biological answers for better lives in growing South Africa.”

M&G reports that; “Offering an innovative portfolio of biodegradable, environmentally safe, bio-enzyme (chemical free) cleaning, odour control and biodegradation products to janitorial services, wastewater treatment, retail and consumers, Green Worx is pioneering the use of innovative, ready-to-use, superior bio-enzyme cleaning products to numerous markets in South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.”

The company’s products are powered by carefully selected bacteria and natural enzymes, rather than utilising harsh chemicals that are found in traditional cleaning materials. These chemicals are harmful to the environment, dangerous to human health, and enter the water table through drainage and sewer systems. The bacteria and enzymes contained in the runner up’s green cleaning products break down dirt, safely releasing organic nutrients back into the atmosphere. This protects the environment, while making a safer habitat for humans to live, work and learn in.

“Our solutions enable low-temperature washing, energy-efficient production, renewable fuel and many other benefits that we rely on today and [may] in the future,” concludes Coetzee. “We call it Cleaner. Greener. Smarter.”


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