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Issued by Perfect Word Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Many employees will start their working day by organising their workspace. Once their
environment is arranged to their liking and feels within their control, their productivity
can kick in. Until this moment, even if work has begun, clutter or dirt will act as a
continuous subconscious distraction.

According to Renae Nicole, Small Business Writer, “A chaotic work environment can
hinder efficiency. An organised workplace encourages workers to be productive,
reduces work-related stress and saves. When you establish an efficient workplace, you
establish structure. By doing so, workers are able to accomplish more and generate
more business.”

From a health and safety perspective, cleanliness in the workplace is paramount. “A
messy company workspace can present safety and health concerns. For example, old
food kept in a company’s refrigerator can cause workers to become ill because it can
harbour some dangerous and even deadly micro-organisms. Make sure ground surfaces
are clear of objects that could cause someone to trip. Clean up spilled liquids promptly
to reduce slips and falls. Remove clutter,” confirms Nicole.

HOK, a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm, advises that; “Healthy
workplaces are a focus for today’s organisations. The health of the workforce can affect
health insurance costs, sick days and productivity. A recent study found that reduced
respiratory illness, allergies and asthma, and sick building syndrome, along with
increased worker comfort from changes in thermal comfort, lighting, and improved
indoor air quality would produce an annual US savings or productivity gain of between
$43 and $235 billion.”
While many organisations think they are protecting their staff through routine cleaning,
the products being used are actually, often, the culprit in causing respiratory illness and
decreasing air quality. “Many chemical based cleaning products contain Volatile Organic
Compounds (VOCs), which are released into the air and are potentially harmful. The
acrid aroma can also lead to headaches and a loss of productivity,” states John J
Coetzee, Chief Executive Officer of Green Worx Cleaning Solutions.

What is the alternative? Coetzee believes the answer lies in microbiology and enzymes.
“Using a carefully calculated combination of bacterial strains (considered beneficial
microorganisms) and added enzymes (each selected for its efficiency at degrading
certain waste materials) the winning formula in green cleaning is achieved. When used
correctly, these products are completely safe and effectively tackle the wide variety of
compounds found in the waste system.”

“Eco-Office confirms that ‘the two main points that hugely impact the psychological
state of staff are unclean workplaces, and air quality.’ When the answer to both of these
problems is not only more effective, but healthier too – why wouldn’t your office go
green in 2017?” concludes Coetzee.